Tula is a photographer based in Calgary and available for assignment in Canada, USA and Europe.

Tula specializes in interior and exterior commercial industrial and residential architecture.  She is passionate about what she photographs and approaches every project with enthusiasm and professionalism. Tula is known for her meticulous attention to detail. Her clients include architects, construction companies, interior designers, real estate and corporate. She is willing to go the mile to get the best image possible for the task at hand. Her passion in photography speaks for itself.

Her equipment includes the Phase One medium format system, Canon full frame and Ranger X lighting equipment. To create her unique look, Tula uses available lighting whenever possible.   

Tula's family comes from a long line of architects, engineers and construction professionals. The knowledge that she has collected over the years with architecture and construction along with her passion for interior design and architecture facilitate her in creating award winning images for her clients.

Tula has achieved her Master Photographer in Commercial - MPC Designation and has won numerous international awards in Architectural Photography.